Spring is the time of year when you should perform your annual A/C tune-up. During the winter, your system isn’t used much and can collect leaves and debris. Having an air conditioner tune-up scheduled before the summer, when you’ll need it to be reliable and efficient every day, is your best option.

Here are the tasks that need to be part of your spring A/C tune-up:

  • Air filter check – A clean air filter makes a huge difference in the health of the rest of your equipment. When the filter is clogged, it makes all the other pieces work harder to pull in the amount of air the system needs to operate. You can make your system 15 percent more efficient simply by cleaning or replacing the filter.
  • Clear the condensing unit and all the drains – During the fall and winter, leaves and debris accumulate in and around your air conditioner. When the condenser and drains are blocked, humidity cannot be removed from the air well and can infiltrate your home, making your air unhealthy and uncomfortable.
  • Clean coils and coil fin – Coils attract dust and dirt over the year so wipe them clean and use a fin comb to straighten the fin back to the correct shape. This will ensure you have a sufficient air supply and that the coils will be able to remove heat from the incoming air.
  • Inside your home – Close the vents to any unused rooms and check the vents around your house to make sure they are in good repair. Feel around for leaks or drafts that may tell of weaknesses in your air tightness.

You can perform your A/C tune-up yourself or choose to have a professional do it. An expert technician will do these tasks and more while also checking the overall health of your system so you can avoid surprise breakdowns when the summer heat arrives.

To have an expert perform your A/C tune-up, contact Pipe Works Services. We are the company to turn to for HVAC service in Chatham and the surrounding areas.

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