We recently did a spray foam insulation job in a Morristown, NJ townhome. In a corner unit, the owner was experiencing excessive condensation between the second floor and the open attic above. The ducts were wrapped but because they weren’t insulated properly there was an extreme temperature difference. The cold air in the ducts and hot air flowing into the attic from the roof caused a constant drip onto the wood and sheetrock, causing mold to grow.

(If you look closely at where the silver wrap is laying on the wood beam you can see mold)
(After we applied spray foam insulation)

We removed the soffit (from outside) to gain access to the space between the floor of third and second floors. Pipe Works Services sealed the opening between the floor with rigid foam board and high-density closed-cell foam. They then removed the ceiling in both front bedrooms on the second floor. Then we sealed off the opening from the outside in that ceiling while encapsulating the ducts with foam in the ceiling of both front bedrooms on the second floor. Our crew also install new 5/8″ sheetrock in the ceiling of both front bedrooms on the second floor.

If your AC and heat are running non-stop and not reaching the correct temperature this may be the reason. Not only are you causing excessive wear and tear on your unit, but it may also be causing an unhealthy home. If this sounds like a problem, you are having given us a call to come out and make life more comfortable! (973) 657-5771 or info@pwsnj.com

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