The water heating bill in the average home accounts for about 16-20 percent of the energy budget. If your storage water heater temperature is set too high, you’re missing out on energy savings. Learn the benefits of correct water heating temperature, and other plumbing tips, and keep more energy dollars in your pocketbook.

Right Temperature Saves Energy

Storage water heating systems store, heat and re-heat water, making hot water available for washing, cleaning, and cooking at any time. The temperature that water is heated and stored affects the water heating bill. If your water heating system is set to factory default 140-145 degrees, you may trim up to 10 percent of your water heating bill by setting the temperature to 120 degrees. Here’s how to do it:

  • Using a thermometer, measure the hot water temperature at the sink or bath most distant from the storage tank.
  • If the temperature is above 120 degrees, turn down/back the thermostat dial a bit towards the “Low” indicator.
  • On gas water heaters, the thermostat dial is found on the gas valve. On electric water heaters, it is concealed behind a metal plate.
  • Wait two or three hours to give the stored hot water time to cool to the lower temperature setting.
  • Test the temperature at the sink or bath again. Repeat the thermostat adjustments as necessary to reach 120 degrees of hot water.

More Water Heater Savings Tips

The fact that the stored hot water is going to cool 10-20 degrees in a relatively short amount of time demonstrates just how much energy is being wasted through standby heat loss, which is heat transfer through the top, sides, and bottom of the storage tank. Consider more energy-saving tips:

  • If the storage tank is slightly warm to the touch, wrap it with water-heater-specific insulation.
  • Insulate all pipes to and from the tank and all hot water pipes in the home.
  • Fix leaky plumbing fixtures.
  • Use low-flow aerators.

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