How much water can your plumbing fixtures waste?

Small leaks may not seem like a big deal, but they add up quickly. Consider these facts.

  • A constantly running toilet may make a soothing, relaxing sound, but it can add up to over seventy-two gallons every year.
  • A shower head that drips ten times per minute will send five hundred gallons down the drain over a year.
  • At one drip per second, a leaking faucet will cost you three thousand gallons per year that could have been put to better use.

One leak that is not as easily quantified as the ones listed above is a leak under a slab foundation. This is a much more serious matter and unless you don’t get suspicious by looking at your water bill, you might never know it is happening until a minor leak causes major damage to your home.

Detect and fix a leak

Detecting a leak in a toilet is easy; you can hear it. Usually, the problem is just a deteriorated flapper which is an inexpensive and easy fix. A showerhead leak is most likely in or around the hot/cold water mixer inside the wall; you may need to call a professional plumber to fix this. A leaking faucet is usually a washer problem. Washers can easily be replaced.

If your fixtures are faulty and you need to fix plumbing leaks, please contact Pipe Works Services for more information. We have crews ready to take care of our good customers in northern New Jersey 24/7. For greater peace of mind, consider an annual service plan to stop problems before they arise.

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