If this isn’t the cutest thank you note ever written, then I don’t know what is! Mrs. Sunny Rapp was so happy with the service that our crew provided her that she took out her typewriter and sent this message to us. This young lady is about to turn 91 and she certainly knows how to show some old-school appreciation. The time and effort it took to create this was not wasted on us, as we all took time to read it. She also left us the cutest voicemail on Mike Tapia’s cell phone expressing her appreciation.

This is a lesson in personal attention in life and business. I know we are in the holiday spirit now but let’s take some time to express how others make us feel every month. Imagine what a kinder and happier world we would live in if we all did this. As residents of New Jersey, one of the fastest-paced locations for all humans- let Sunny’s efforts live on in your daily routine.

Thank you, Sunny, your name suits you!

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