Now that fall’s here, you won’t need your heat pump as much as you did in the summer. This seasonal lull gives you a perfect opportunity to have your heat pump inspected and tuned up before it’s needed again this winter. Here are some of the maintenance tasks you can fit in between sessions of raking leaves and carving pumpkins.

Change or clean filters: Change or clean the filters in your heat pump so that the unit starts the heating season with fresh filters and unobstructed airflow. Dirty filters block airflow within the system and can cause malfunctions and damage. During the winter, check the filters every month and change them if they get dirty.

Clean outdoor unit and coils: Clean the interior and exterior coils to help boost heat capture and transfer and keep the unit working consistently. Keep an eye on the exterior coils and the entire outdoor unit to ensure they stay clean and that dirt, leaves, grass, nests, sticks, or other material doesn’t build up and interfere with system function.

Clean blower motor and fan: Clean the fan and blower motor of dust, dirt, lint, or any other material that could hinder performance. Lubricate the fan to keep it working smoothly.

Check and clean registers and vents: Make sure the supply registers and vents, where heated air enters your home, are not blocked by boxes, furniture, clothing, or other material. Clean the vents and registers to keep dust and other particulates from being blown back into your home.

Get professional service: Schedule preventive maintenance by an HVAC professional. The technician will be able to tend to technical aspects of maintenance and repair, such as:

Checking and adjusting airflow Verifying and maintaining refrigerant levels

Calibrating thermostat

Cleaning and tightening electrical connections

Tightening or changing belts

Checking the function of controls and switches

Inspecting and sealing ducts

Verifying overall system operation

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