The indoor air quality of our homes can often be worse than the air outdoors because our homes are closed up, trapping allergens. Pollen, dust mites, and pet dander can quickly accumulate and stay trapped inside. If anyone in your home suffers from allergy problems or asthma, the poor quality of the air inside can greatly affect them and exacerbate their symptoms. Reducing allergens and pollens can make everyone more comfortable. There are several measures you can take to improve indoor air quality, including Upgrading your air filter. Many air filters only eliminate 3-5% of the particles that circulate through them. Upgrading will greatly reduce pollen and allergens that are in your home. Wash pets frequently and brush them regularly outside your home. Brushing them outside will reduce the amount of dander that escapes into your home while grooming. Use allergen-impermeable covers on pillowcases and mattresses. Wash bedding materials in hot water every week. Open windows frequently to ventilate your home, except for during high pollen seasons when you should keep them closed as much as possible. Dust and vacuum frequently to remove allergens. Using a hypo-allergenic vacuum or high-filtration bag will help retain allergens better than most regular vacuums and bags that can leak allergens back into the air. Consider an air purifier to help remove pollutants in the air and control odors. Control the humidity in your home to help keep dust mites down. Have your home monitored with an Air Advice Monitor. Air Advice monitors your indoor air quality throughout the day and provides a report that allows you to determine what air quality issues you may have so that you can find solutions to your specific problems. Improving your indoor air quality is not difficult if you know what to do. Pinpointing specific problems and using higher-quality air filters will help you enjoy better air in your home. Located in Chatham, NJ, Pipe Works Services, is a plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company serving the Morris, Union, Somerset, and Essex County areas. Providing customer-focused services for over a decade, we help our customers achieve greater home comfort. Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information, click here to download our free Home Comfort Resource guide. Pipe Works Services serves Chatham, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. To get started, check out our website.

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