Have you considered a zoning system for your home? Your New Jersey home’s design can negatively affect its comfort levels. Implementing a zoned heating and cooling system in your home can resolve problems with the design that impact the overall comfort of your home.

Why good home design can be bad for comfort?

Some homeowners assume that because their home has a good design, all its rooms will have the same temperature. Unfortunately, each part of your home has differing temperature needs. With a multi-level home, for example, heat will rise, leaving the main floor cool and the second-floor bedrooms hot.

In addition, aesthetically pleasing design features can impair the comfort of your home. Large south-facing glass windows can soak up the sun which can make some rooms unpleasantly hot. Along with that, cool, damp air can settle into your finished basement, limiting the enjoyment of that space.

How can you resolve this problem?

It is possible to make your home more comfortable by controlling specific temperature needs in selected parts of your home with a zoning system. This also will control how much energy you use to satisfy heating and cooling needs throughout your home.

How can a zoning system improve the overall comfort of your home?

A zoned heating and cooling system use multiple thermostats that are electronically connected to a control panel. The control panel regulates how much-conditioned air travels to various parts of your home by controlling the dampers of your forced-air heating and cooling system. As a result, each part of your home receives air as needed.

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