Tankless water heating systems are increasingly showing up in American homes. Companies that manufacture tankless water heating systems have seen sales growth rates in the triple digits. Though the systems have been popular in Europe for several years, tankless water heaters are expected to begin making major inroads in the States.

The potential for energy savings is because tankless water heaters don’t have to stay on to maintain water temperature. Traditional water tanks periodically turn on to ensure that the water in the tank stays within 10 percent of the intended temperature. Tankless water heaters only turn on when hot water is needed. Furthermore, the water they produce is more accurate, within 2 degrees of the targeted temperature.

The location where the tankless water heater is installed is just as important as installing the tankless water heater itself. Installing the tankless system near a bathroom or sink can reduce the time required to receive hot water. Furthermore, outdoor models are designed by the most sought-after manufacturers. Because tankless heaters can be installed anywhere in the home, even outdoors, they cut down on venting costs and save space indoors if necessary.

Just like storage tank water heaters, there are various types of tankless water heaters. Be sure to consult a professional on the correct model and size (or number) for your home, as tankless water heaters offer various features.

If you need additional assistance choosing where to install a tankless water heating system in your New Jersey home, please contact the professionals at Pipe Works Services While we recommend Bosch tankless water heaters, we service all brands.

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