We have all experienced a typical “Salesman”, a person who talks but never listens and only cares about closing you. As a Co-worker, my experience working with Lloyd is the complete opposite. I watch him interacting with others daily, taking time to ask about their day. He carries this same awareness into the field when meeting our clients, and potential customers. Lloyd exudes confidence, with his cool and calm demeanor.

Working with him at the Meadowlands Home Show Expo this past weekend, I watched him in action. Lloyd started at Pipe Works Services as a technician, so he has hands-on experience. The folks in North Jersey talk fast and they want a fast answer. One thing I have learned about plumbing is, that there are rarely fast answers because there are so many variables to an issue.

Lloyd works hard and he goes the extra mile as seen here making up the folders to hand to prospects at the show. He came to the USA in 2007 from the island of Dominica, you know that tiny island that was decimated this fall during the hurricane season- YES that one! (Scary times). He personifies “The American Dream” and he is as solid as a Perma-Lining. Email him if you want to know what is LloydJ@pwsnj.com. You might call him Lloyd, but we call him Lloyd Mahn!

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