Besides keeping a roof over your vehicles, the garage can double as a living or work area, especially if you insulate the space and add a heater. Winters in New Jersey can be long and cold but having extra living space in the garage can make the season more bearable.

Heating your garage turns it into a place where you can retreat to relax, enjoy hobbies, work on projects for your home or do chores that may be too messy to do inside. Using the space, you already have is more efficient than adding new square footage, which usually requires expensive design and construction work, jurisdictional approval, and building permits. It’s much easier to find the right heater for the space you do have.

Options include ventless and vented garage heaters that use fuel for heat like propane or natural gas. If you have natural gas in your neighborhood or on your lot, you might find that a gas heater is an energy-efficient way to warm your space to get more use from it. You can also use portable electric space heaters, although they take more time to heat a garage than gas heaters.

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