If you are looking for another way to save money in your northern New Jersey home, you may want to consider installing low-flow fixtures. While there’s a modest upfront cost to upgrade plumbing fixtures, in the long term you will see the benefit in both conserving water and money. Are you thinking of making the change? You may call your utility company to learn more about incentive programs to purchase low-flow fixtures. Here are some advantages of going the extra mile and installing these efficient fixtures in your home.

  • Shower heads – Many shower heads use approximately 5-7 gallons of water per minute. Throughout a five-minute shower, you can use a total of 25 to 35 gallons. Water-conserving shower heads can reduce this consumption considerably.
  • Faucets – Consider installing an aerator. If you do not need to completely replace a faucet, you may try this low-cost option. An aerator reduces the use of water by mixing air in the water stream.
  • Toilets – Older toilets that were installed before the 1970s most likely used 5 and 7 gallons per flush. The more modern ultra-low-flush toilets consume approximately 1.6 gallons per flush.

All of these options can translate into substantial savings per month on your water bill. For more expert advice on low-flow fixtures, please contact us at Pipe Works Services

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