This Halloween, you’ll likely be tempted to abandon your efforts to maintain an energy-efficient home. However, with the following three tips, you can enjoy the haunted holiday while maintaining low electric bills and reducing waste.

Control Your Lighting

  • Turn the lights off for the evening: If you’re staying home to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, consider turning off the lights inside for the evening. Set up a candy hand-out station on the porch and have that be the only lit area of your home. This not only saves energy but keeps the spookiness alive as well.
  • Use LED string lights: orange LED lights are perfect for creating a spooky look on the porch without sacrificing your energy-efficient home.
  • Light pumpkins with solar walkway lamps: Avoid candle mishaps and save plenty of energy with solar-powered lighting. As long as you thoroughly charge it during the day, the lamp should keep your pumpkin aglow well into the night.

Control Heat Loss

  • Address the fireplace: When you’re not using your wood-burning fireplace, keep the damper firmly closed. Also, consider installing a glass door to reduce airflow and prevent heat loss.
  • Seal up windows and doors: Fall is a great time to increase your home’s tightness by sealing gaps around windows and doorframes with caulk and weatherstripping. This do-it-yourself job keeps nippy fall and winter breezes out.
  • Stay inside or out on Halloween: Opening and closing the door repeatedly wastes a lot of energy if it’s cold outside. Sit out on the porch to hand out candy, or if the weather is too cold, step outside and close the door with each batch of trick-or-treaters to minimize heat loss.

Control Your Waste

  • Compost: Don’t throw pumpkins, gourds, squash, and other fall vegetables in the trash when their time is up. Instead, compost them after use to control your waste.

It’s possible to maintain an energy-efficient home this Halloween with the right priorities. For more on achieving energy savings year-round, please contact Pipe Works Services We proudly serve residents in Morris, Union, Somerset, and Essex counties.

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