Of the many factors that affect the comfort level of our homes, indoor humidity levels can be among the most difficult to control. If dry indoor air is a problem for you, a whole-house humidification system will help maintain your ideal home humidity levels.

A whole-house humidification system, sometimes called a central humidifier, effectively counters problems with dry air inside your home. These systems help you maintain an ideal indoor humidity level, generally, between 45 to 55 percent relative humidity, that will reduce problems associated with dry air and make you more comfortable.

The drier air of a New Jersey winter, for example, can cause uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as itchy skin, dry mouth and nasal passages, and irritated eyes and throats. Dry air contributes to the build-up of static electricity. Dry air can also cause wood furniture and woodwork, door frames, and hardwood floors to shrink, crack or warp.
Whole-house humidification systems are installed so that the air flowing through your forced-air heating system also flows through the humidifier. As the air travels through the humidifier, moisture is added to the dry air. This water humidifies the air and increases its moisture content. When the moistened air is distributed throughout your home by your heating system, humidity levels are increased everywhere your warm-air distribution ductwork reaches.

The two most common types of whole-house humidifiers are:

Flow-through, or trickle style: Water drips or trickles into an aluminum panel. As air blows through the panel, the water evaporates into the air stream. The moistened air is then distributed throughout your home. Flow-through humidifiers are generally easier to maintain than drum-type units.

Steam humidifier: As the name suggests, these units use steam to add moisture to the air in an entire house. While attached to your HVAC system, they can run independently of your furnace. Unlike the evaporative (flow-through/trickle-style) models, steam humidifiers don’t require hot air. The steam humidifier kicks on when the humidistat detects the need for more moisture. These models require little maintenance and don’t waste any water, as is the case with the other types of humidifiers.

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