Jonny has worked at Pipe Works Services for more than 10 years. He is the foreman for our sewer repair and Pipe Lining service at PWS. Our crew was given a challenge by Paul this week, use this cement masking tape on a job and take a selfie to win.

You can see by his tongue (commonly known as Tough Guy Tongue) that he thinks he already won. Notice his perfectly square cement job in the red circle looks so much nicer than the cement job to the left on the vent. He installed a sump pump for a customer yesterday and then ran the pipe out of the basement wall. With all of this rain, we are getting a lot of sump pump calls for pumps needing repair or replacement. He is a contender, but I know there will be more competition to come!

If you need a cement artist, give us a call Jonny needs to keep busy! (973) 657-5771

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