Pipe Works Services recently did a Perma Liner job in Metuchen, NJ at a townhome development. The owners were experiencing backed-up sewers and major clogs. Our technicians jackhammered the basement floors (approximately 3 feet by 1 foot) of units 253, 249, 245, and 241 to expose the 4″ sewer line. We then performed a Hydro Jet scour of the sewer line and use a Maxi Miller Picote machine to prepare the 4 lateral sewer lines for Perma Lining and install cleanouts in each.
After each floor digs up, we also install new cement at the basement excavation. Our crew then excavated (approximately 9 feet deep, 4 feet wide and 7 feet long) in front of units 245 and 243 to expose the 6″ sewer line “elbow” and place the dirt in the courtyard around the large tree. We removed approximately 4 feet total from the sewer line. There are 100 feet of the sewer line (in front of units 245-255) and 35 feet (in front of units 241, 243) for Perma Lining. We installed a temporary 6″, 90 deg elbow so the sewer can be used in the evening. The existing “elbow” in front of units 245 and 243 is a “T” with cement filled line ending at unit 243. This is an improper fitting and caused the increased build up at the “turn”. We installed a proper 90 deg. elbow and a cleanout. After we performed a Hydro Jet rinse of the sewer line and installed the 100 foot, 6″ Perma Liner, steam cure and pressurized in place. Units 243 and 241 had full use of their sewer lines. Reinstate the 4, 4″ lateral sewers in all units and Hydro Jet rinse the sewer line and install the 35-foot, 6″ Perma Liner, steam cure and pressurized in place. We Applied an internal epoxy coating to seal where all 4″ laterals meet the 6″ Perma line to guarantee roots will not infiltrate the sewer line. The technician connected a main 6″ clean out and set in cement. Units 241 and 243 will have full use of their sewers each evening. We additionally backfilled the excavation site.
Fencing was installed each evening and the hole will be closed off with plywood for safety. Pipe Works Services replaced the sidewalk in front of units 245 and 243 (the excavation site) and any sidewalk that has to be removed by us.

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