They say that good help is hard to find, but at Pipe Works Services, we strive to go above and beyond. It starts with our professional sales team or as we call them, our “System Design Specialists”, who work tirelessly to diagnose and design multiple solutions to meet your needs. Rob Moakler is a gregarious guy with a personality that refuses to be ignored. Customer service is one of the most important transactions in the service industry. Great service demands a unique experience to set us apart from the rest.

Robert Moakler at your service


Rob was called to the condominium of an elderly client in Florham Park, NJ, who had an air conditioning unit built into a closet in her bedroom. This is of course highly unusual as most AC units are placed outside the home. The problem was that the electronics on the condenser had malfunctioned. Our technician discovered that the breakers were too large for the equipment, which caused it to burn out the electronics. She had two 40-amp breakers but needed two 20-amp breakers. The scary part was that it caused them to burn, and she was sleeping only 10 feet from the unit. To make matters worse, it was during record-breaking dangerous summer temperatures.

Challenges :

Rob needed the condo association’s approval as well as the township’s. We know that each one of these organizations only meets on specific days and times (red tape). He powered on and created a great relationship with the board engineer. The customer did not want an interior unit as the cost was twice as much and she was on a fixed income.

Solution :

To help the customer, survive the heat, Rob loaned her our one-ton indoor HVAC system for her bedroom and then installed some temporary insulation board as well. The icing on the cake for our elderly customer was when Rob drove to her home every other day to empty the water from the temporary unit. Chivalry is not dead! One more piece of the puzzle was getting the condo association to give him the OK to run some lines in some of the public areas and permission to cut some of the bushes for the permanent AC unit installation (image below). This is not an easy thing if you have ever dealt with these types of associations, it’s a process and an exercise in patience.

Moral of The Story:

Only hire people that take good care of you and want your business. Remember that “people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou

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