If you’ve been using a standard mercury-switch thermostat for the last few years, you may be getting frustrated at the limited amount of control they offer over your heating and cooling systems. Modern programmable thermostats give you many more options for managing home climate control.

These digital “smart thermostats” are designed to give you almost total control over when, for how long, and at what level your HVAC system runs. One of the more useful features of programmable thermostats is their set points. These are pre-programmed temperature settings that provide the best level of comfort when you need it and reduce heating operation to a lower level when you don’t. Set points operate the furnace, heat pump or air conditioner and adjust indoor temperatures based on a typical family schedule.

During the heating season, for example, the set points will warm your home in the morning when everyone is getting ready for work or school. When your home is vacant, the thermostat automatically uses another set point to reduce indoor temperatures and the level of operation. Later in the day, another set point is triggered, and the thermostat activates the heating system in time to have the interior of your home at a comfortable level of warmth before everyone returns home for the day.

At night, another set point turns down the furnace or heat pump when you and your family are bedded down to sleep. In the early morning, the thermostat triggers the equipment again to warm up the house for its occupants’ morning preparations.

Programmable thermostats have other useful features, including:

The ability to adjust or re-program set points as needed.

Manual overrides that allow you to increase or decrease temperatures as needed.

Vacation features that will run your HVAC system at money-saving levels while you’re away from home for an extended period.

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