Like all new homeowners, we are excited and energized by taking a house and making it a home. The process is not as easy as we ever expect, and the costs can seem overwhelming at first. When looking for estimates, a good rule of thumb is to get more than one estimate and of course, read online reviews of those contractors. There is a lot more to picking the right contractor than just price. Consider neatness, punctuality, and customer service. Customer service might seem like an odd category but when something goes wrong, how responsive with they be? There are always bumps in the road on a project and don’t you want a partner in your solutions? Even bigger – does this company even care about the experience you are having? I guarantee you, everyone at Pipe Works Services does. If you are an existing customer, then you know we are available 24/7 to service your plumbing and heating needs.

At Pipe Works Services, our office is an open plan. The reason I mention this is because at almost all times of the day I am hearing conversations on jobs and customer feedback. As we are onboarding new businesses and customers, every department is part of the logistics. It starts with our call center, then on to our System Design Specialist. After your problem is diagnosed and we design your solution, your job is scheduled for our technicians, electricians, and/or plumbers. Once you are in our system, our guys in the field are taking photos and journal every step of the way. This information is connected to our software in the office, where we can see everything that they are working on. Shortly after your work is completed, you receive a customer feedback form via email to review us. All complaints are addressed, and we do our best to meet your expectations in all that we do. While we realize that we will never please 100% of our customers, we do strive to come as close to that number as possible.

There may be times when you think, I could save a lot of money by doing the work myself. However, in a majority of these instances, you may end up with a larger cost than if you had hired us in the first place. That is the worst! Case in point this photo is from a homemade plumbing job, notice the air freshener teetering on the pipe. Hey, at least you can say the work doesn’t stink! (But it does stink) Due to the physics of this Pipe Works Services, it’s never going to end as Home Sweet Home.

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