Pipe Works Services is an incredibly fast-growing, loved, and respected, Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Underground Excavation Insulation, and Electrical Company in Northern NJ that is searching for talented individuals to join our family. Our slogan is “We have the work for you” and that doesn’t just apply to our customers but even applies to our employees here at Pipe Works Services!

We treat our employees just as we would our customers, with care, attention, and friendliness. Here at Pipe Works Services, we offer extraordinary benefits. Our in-depth training, family-friendly work atmosphere, and hard work ethic separate us from all other companies. Marketing Manager Jonathan S. writes “From the first day I arrived at Pipe Works Services they treated me with open arms. They care about their customers and work harder than any other company I have ever seen. They are organized and productive which makes coming to work a joy”. Click here to meet some of our team!

Our company strives and prides itself in providing exceptional, knowledgeable, and professional service that speaks for itself. Click here to take a look at just a few examples Technician Zach L. echoes the remarks above and states: “The way we are all treated as employees is beyond amazing. We all treat each other with respect and courtesy. We all are driven to reach the goal of company success.” We use state-of-the-art tools and technology so that we can provide not just the diagnosis of a problem, but a complete and methodical solution so your home is a more comfortable and sustainable living environment for you and your family.

We know how hard it is out there and we are looking for the best of the best to provide our customers with terrific customer service. Call us today if you are at all interested in helping us grow our family and reach even a deeper depth of success than ever imagined! Join us for our Pipe Works Services Career Open House once a month this summer! Call or click here to learn more!

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