Does it surprise you to hear that a college education is not required to earn $69k a year (according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics)? It’s true and if you look beyond a “Journeyman” status with a Master Plumber license we are talking $115,000 a year in New Jersey. For Master Plumbers in their own business, it is much higher than that number. Do I hear parents of High Schoolers gasping in shock? Beyond the livable wage is the idea of work-life balance and job security. As a young adult, this might seem less relevant, but anyone with family responsibilities will tell you it’s gold!

Unfortunately, the trade crafts are on the decline at the moment but as manufacturing is growing in the US, trade schools will need to grow to train and educate this workforce. At this moment there are 1,700 openings for plumbers, according to If you have the skill set and a good work ethic your future is very bright, and Pipe Works Services wants to interview you! Our youth looks to technology as their career goal first but as technology advances and Artificial Intelligence is expanding, technology jobs will downtrend. Look to your vo-tech schools if you have a high school student that has the aptitude for the trades. In New Jersey, candidates can jumpstart their career paths and fast-track a four-year apprenticeship program to reach “Journeyman” status and then apply for a Master Plumber License.

If it’s job security and a steady income in a field that will still be relevant even as AI sweeps through many other career options, look to plumbing as a career. There are also some other fun perks like digging in the dirt with a backhoe, not to mention your popularity as friends buy homes! We give our plumbers and techs year-round training as part of your job here. If you think you want a bright future and stability in your life, call us. (973) 657-5771– Our Job Opportunities

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