It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, you should take time off. I recently traveled out of state for the week, on roads, airlines, and boats. I found myself in a relaxed state of mind and taking notice of advertising on billboards, vehicles, tv, and radio in the plumbing industry. It is educational and creatively inspiring to see what others are doing in different markets. I even saw a law firm commercial for broken sewer lines, that was interesting!

This idea came to me from seeing a billboard that had nothing to do with the plumbing industry. I can see using this in many ways and for a variety of services at Pipe Works Services. (It needs some art)

Creative ideas are all around you but sometimes you aren’t as open to seeing them when you are burned out. Stepping away and exposing yourself to something new can supercharge your brain, not to mention your happiness. Happy people do better work, this is common sense. If you can’t afford to travel, the internet can take you on a journey of the world. Another influence on marketing is Pop Culture. Ideas and trends that influence the masses are easier to convert in your marketing. Maybe through the use of videos, images, or memes. Memes are a powerful tool in swaying public opinion and branding and will continue to be. We use them at Pipe Works Services as seen below.
It is always a good idea to use humor whenever possible, it leaves a lasting impression. Entertainment is the best formula for memorable and viral marketing. Mostly we try to inspire our customers with fast and professional service that solves painful problems with our brains!

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