Our call center is the first line of contact at Pipe Works Services. Our customer service is second to none, and we strive to please each caller while helping to solve their problems. We get emergency phone calls, and we can quickly dispatch one of our superheroes to come to rescue you. If your kids have discovered how to flush the toilet, don’t be surprised when things in your home go missing.

Some of our funnier requests on the phone are things like “I have a dead animal stuck in my pipes, can you get it out?” Or “Can you guys insulate my van with that Pink Panther stuff that looks like cotton candy?” This request is not one we can do but we can insulate your home. Sidenote in a world where teens are eating Tide Laundry Pods, you must know pink insulation is not edible (insert eye roll)!

Recently one of our technicians, Pablo was called to the home of a customer for a problematic toilet blockage, causing a toilet to overflow. As usual, he arrived on time much to the customer’s delight, ready to slay the beast within the pipes. After removing the toilet and snaking the drain, the sinister culprit is revealed! underwear! Today’s edition is lovingly known as “Captain Underpants”. Someone somewhere is going “Commando”… Pablo’s work is never done!

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