If there is one thing New Jersey doesn’t need it’s more trash in the landfill. Pipe Works Services removes all of the old metal units from our jobs and it comes back to the office parking lot. We have a scrap metal guy that comes to the office, separates all of the different metals, and sells them to a scrap yard. We do not profit from this; we are just happy to be able to reduce the carbon footprint and provide a revenue stream for the scrap metal man.

I bet you are asking yourself, where do I find recycling and a scrap metal yard in New Jersey? The NJ State website has a lot of information for you here.

If you live in central New Jersey there is a big recycling center in Edison. They will pay you cash on the spot for your scrap metals. If you are curious about what the going rate is for metals check out this link. If you are feeling extra generous and motivated, you can look up all of the Earth Days in 2018

If we just made a few changes to our efforts each year, we could make a BIG difference!

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