Recycling is usually a good thing that benefits humans and the environment. There are some instances where recycling should never occur, and these images are some of them. Keep your garbage can lid on your trash can. The DIY revolution has its limits and quite frankly can cost you more money in repairs and maybe even your health. Sloppy or makeshift repairs like this one below can keep bad air from escaping your home.

Life is surely a balancing act, but your HVAC unit should not be. That’s why permits are good even if it adds time to an installation. Your safety is at the top of the list and Pipe Works Services does the permit submission for you. We realize your days are busy with work and family, so we go the extra step the speed up the process and get the permits in quickly.

If you are thinking about a new AC unit or a complete HVAC replacement, call for one of our System Design Specialists to come out to your home and give you a free estimate. Call us at (973) 657-5771.

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