There are times that we get called out to a home after other companies have already given a diagnosis on a sewer line that was backing up. This home in Scotch Plains, NJ had another company tell them they had a cracked line and that the line was made of clay. Clay pipes are the oldest materials you will find in this area for a sewer line.

Another thing that we see often are tree roots that grow into the smallest opening in a line and over time will crack a pipe. Even though you can see there are a lot of roots in this photo this was not a factor in this job. This job was for a total replacement of 110 feet of line from the home to the street.

Our System Design Specialist, Lloyd Joseph went out to the home to take an internal video of the line. What he found was very contrary to the other company’s findings. His video showed no cracks, and the line was made out of cast iron, not clay. The backups were due to 2 things, the calcification of the line and the dipping down and up on this long line leading to the street. Calcification narrows the interior of the pipe much like cholesterol does to our arteries. Eventually, the narrowing and roller coaster effect of this long line started backing up from the pressure and restriction.

(The new line installed)

(After the back-fill)

Here is the feedback from the homeowner: It is so great to hear about the customer’s experience. Our crew makes us proud!

Gregory completed the survey:

Score from customer -10
“John, Washington, & Mike made this experience painless. We had a 110-foot sewer line replacement, and they performed this job way above our expectations. They were extremely clean when entering and leaving our home, they never entered our home without putting ‘booties’ over their shoes, and their tools were clean before entering our home. I’ve had lots of service people doing work on our home and had never experienced the utmost professionalism as I did with this crew. They explained every step of the way, answered every question I threw at them, and completed this job with what I can describe only as perfection. 5 Stars to Pipe Works Services, 10 Stars to the Crew.”

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