Replacing your old air conditioner could be one of the more daunting tasks you face as a homeowner. It’s not something you do often, and cooling systems are complex. The three most important aspects of choosing the right A/C include sizing the new system, selecting its efficiency level, and preparing your home for installation.

While calculating the size of your new A/C will take into account the cubic footage of your home, it also should include many more factors that contribute to the cooling load of your home. HVAC contractors consider these elements of your home when replacing your old air conditioner:

Insulation levels Air infiltration Windows, their energy efficiency, and exposure to the sun

Preferred indoor temperatures

Number of household members

Heat-producing appliances indoors

Home Layout

Landscaping factors.

After establishing the cooling load and the proper size of your new cooling system, the contractor will review your existing ductwork for adequacy and verify that the ductwork is tight. It’s important to go through these processes because a system that’s too large for your home will raise your energy bills, not provide efficient cooling, and increase wear and tear on all the components. One that’s too small won’t adequately cool your home on the hottest days.

Selecting the right efficiency rating when replacing your old air conditioner will impact your energy bills for years to come, so it makes sense to choose the highest SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) that you can afford. Look for an A/C with a dual-speed compressor and a variable-speed motor in the air handler for higher efficiency and reduced energy bills. Dual-speed compressors only run at top speed during the hottest weather, and variable-speed motors adjust running speed based on cooling requirements.

The outdoor condenser should be placed in a shady location and have ample clearance on all sides. It should be away from the dryer vent and plants that create a lot of debris. The airflow and refrigerant need to be at precise levels for the system to operate at its best.

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