I don’t know if you noticed but New Jersey has had a lot of precipitation this year. Early blizzards and torrential downpours that followed have added to the local water supply. Our rivers are at capacity and the ground is like a squishy sponge. Why should you care?

When there is water everywhere, it takes the path of least resistance. That can mean the water rises from the ground and into your basement. If you have French drains this will help pull the water away from your home. Whether you have French drains or not you may also need to have a sump pump installed. The above photo is a job we did recently. If you do not have an existing hole to install the pump, we can also do this for you.

Generally, the winter thaw into spring is the time of year for this but we are seeing a huge spike this fall for sump pump installation in the Morris County area. If you need more information or would like a quote on sump pump installation email us at info@pwsnj.com or call (973) 657-5771

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