Signs that your sewer main is clogged

Multiple drains are backed up

Bad smell or leaking near the sewer cleanout

Water overflows into different plumbing fixtures

Drainage in sewer cleanout

When flushing the toilet, it backs up into the shower drain

What to do and NOT to Do

DO-Call a professional at (973) 657-5771

Don’t-Flush the toilet or run the water.

DO-Turn off the main water line to prevent accidental flushing.

Preventative Measures

Don’t pour grease, paint, or other potential solids down the drains.

Get a low-cost camera inspection by Pipe Works Services

Make sure little kids aren’t able to flush objects down the toilets. (Install kid-proof lock)

A good portion of slow drains can be solved by snaking the line to clear a clog. The more serious ones need to be hydro-jetted to clean the whole line to the sewer in the street. If you want to have us come out and clean one drain for $99 (cost per drain, only during regular hours, cannot be combined with any other offer) call (973) 657-5771 or email us at

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