Initially, we expected the Broad Street job in Summit to be one night. But after digging up the blacktop we encountered a nightmare. You may have heard and seen us late at night on Broad Street in Summit, NJ doing a Pipe Lining (sewer repair) job this past week. First, we apologize for the less-than-peaceful night’s sleep if you are a neighbor. Just so you know we had no choice but to do this job through the night by law because Broad Street is a heavily traveled street.

After digging up the blacktop we discovered there were 14 inches of concrete with Rebar below it. This means our jackhammer was not a match and heavier equipment had to be rented to penetrate the concrete and Rebar. These are not the good kind of surprises you wish for during the holiday season. Another thing to be aware of is that when one home’s sewer line breaks, others in the area are soon to follow. Some signs of a sewer line problem include bad smells from drains and pipes, frequent back-ups, or very wet areas in your front yard. The worst case is your broken sewer line backs up into your basement with raw sewage. If you want peace of mind, we are offering you a $149 camera inspection, during regular business hours. (Not combined with any other offers) Call us and mention this blog post to get the $149.00 price. Happy Holidays!

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