Plumbing leaks can cause soggy messes, expensive water damage, and mold problems that you don’t want to endure any time of year, but they’re especially unpleasant when it’s cold outside. Here are five smart ways to avoid a costly plumbing leak this winter.

Seek Out the Main Water Shut-off.

Imagine hunting down the location of the shut-off valve while water shoots out of a broken kitchen faucet and sprays the cabinets, appliances, and ceiling. That’s just one example of why you shouldn’t wait until a plumbing leak happens to start searching.

Make Sure Every Fixture and Water-using Appliance Has Its Shut-off

Unless they do, you’ll have to use that main shut-off to stop even a small, localized water leak. If you have to wait any length of time for a plumber to arrive, you’ll need to live without running water and the ability to flush until it’s fixed.

Have a Flow Sensor Installed

Whether you’ve already had a harrowing plumbing leak experience, or you live in dread of one happening, a flow sensor can bring you peace of mind. These sensors not only detect leaks, but they also automatically stop the flow of water. Thankfully, they’re available both for individual appliances and in whole-house versions.

Take Care of the Hose and Outdoor Water Spigot

Unless a mid-winter basement flood sounds irresistible, don’t forget to disconnect the hose and shut off the water line to the outdoor spigot. You can take it one step further and install a frost-free hose bib to put any worries about a frozen line or burst water pipe to rest.

Declutter Sink Cabinets and Vanities

They may be premium bathroom real estate if storage space is limited, but cramming cleaning supplies, bath tissue, and other necessities inside can lead to loose sink drains and water supply lines. If you don’t spot a resulting leak right away, it can ruin the cabinet, the floor, or even the ceiling in the room below.

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