This photo is what most ducts look like in a residence or commercial building without insulation. Bare metal without any insulation, even in a hot or freezing attic space. Think about it… How is this affecting the air that is flowing through them? Doesn’t hot air lose heat in the journey from your furnace to the rooms in your home? Yes, it does! The same can be said for the cold air in summer becoming heated on its journey.

Our insulation technicians are masterful at applying spray foam insulation. To appreciate how great this looks you should understand the process first. The product starts as a 2-part liquid and gas is added as it feeds through a long hose with a gun for application. It comes out of the gun as a foam very similar to shaving cream in appearance. As the foam hits the surface it instantly expands and starts to harden in minutes. It requires a steady and consistent flow or sleight of hand to get it to look this smooth. Hesitation or multiple layers can create a lumpy and ugly mess. This particular job was for a Law Firm in Summit, NJ and I expect it will make a huge difference in comfort and decreasing utility bills.

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