Summer is Coming, Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?

As we edge out of winter, it’s time to consider whether your air conditioner is ready for the upcoming New Jersey summer. If you don’t ensure your AC’s reliability now, you risk having to brave overwhelming heat and humidity while waiting for the AC to be fixed later.

Some steps of air conditioner maintenance are relatively easy, such as checking the filter every month when in use. Another accessible task: you can clean the coils of the air conditioning unit by turning off the power, then, while wearing gloves and safety glasses, spraying commercial HVAC cleaning solution over the coils. Let sit for a short while, rinse off with water, then turn the power back on after drying.

But rather than do-it-yourself, most people find the easiest and most effective way to maintain an air conditioner is to have annual service by a trained HVAC professional. An air conditioning technician can check for the right amount of refrigerant, inspect for leaks, clean the unit, tighten connections, and oil motors, test overall performance, and replace parts as necessary. Regular maintenance not only wards off total AC failure, but also saves you money and makes your home more comfortable through more efficient air conditioning. The best preparation for the summer is to employ an HVAC professional now.

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