The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a guideline that details health and safety issues related to biological pollutants, as they are trapped inside homes and other buildings. They are microscopic pieces of living or dead organisms that can become airborne in your home. They may cause mild to severe health risks, some of which may initially be attributed to other sources. However, there are ways to reduce their presence in your home, and in so doing, greatly improve indoor air quality.

Moisture A known cause of bacteria growth is moisture. Common areas for moisture include bathrooms and kitchens. Exhaust fans help eliminate humidity caused by showers and cooking. Eliminating dampness through proper ventilation improves indoor air quality. Though portable fans are useful, whole-house ventilating systems automatically exchange air with the outside and can eliminate a lot of the moisture present in a home. Whole-house dehumidifiers offer a comprehensive solution as well. In addition, consistency in cleaning components that hold water, such as the drip pan for the refrigerator and the dehumidifier, will reduce areas where bacteria can grow. If exterior walls remain damp with condensation during the winter, consider adding insulation.

Dust Some dust particles are so small that they will pass through a vacuum bag, though vacuums – especially those outfitted with HEPA filters – will pick up much of the dust, including the smallest particles. Wear a mask while vacuuming if you are sensitive to dust. Dust mites live in the lower regions of carpets and are out of reach of vacuums. For those with severe allergies to mites, use area rugs that can be washed regularly in water 130 degrees and above. Dust mites will survive a wash in cold water. Wash bedding at least three times a month, again, in hot water. You may want to consider an effective air-cleaning system, too.

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