With the cost of energy and water both on the rise, homeowners are looking to reduce expenses wherever possible. One method that is gaining popularity quickly is the use of tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters, as the name implies, do not store hot water. They heat the water as it flows and only produce enough hot water as needed at the time of use. They can be installed at a central location to serve the entire home or smaller units can be installed at the point of use. Some experts claim that tankless water heaters can increase water heating efficiency by 12 to 34 percent and with the point-of-use units, efficiency gains can be between 28 and 50 percent.

To help you get the most from a tankless water heater, here are six points to consider before deciding on a tankless water heater for your home:

Hire an experienced plumber to install the unit so you’re sure to get the right size unit(s). Use the unit with the correct flow rate and temperature for your needs.

Not sure how to determine what flow rate and temperature you should look for? Get a plumber involved.

Make sure your outlets have flow rates that exceed the flow rate of the heater.

Point-of-use units help to further conserve water.

Though tankless water heaters are often called instantaneous water heaters, don’t assume the water is instantly hot. It might take a couple of seconds to warm up to your desired temperature. Make sure all units are properly ventilated.

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