Salesman Tim Bock has many years in the construction industry, with an emphasis on insulation. He is organized and competitive but very few people know that Tim has been leading a double life. We found out this week that Tim is the love child of the one and only Willy Wonka from CandyLand, New Jersey. Recently Tim has confided in a few of us here that he was bullied as a kid and called an “Air Head”. If you know Tim at all you know that this label is far from the truth, and who among us has NOT been the victim of adolescent name-calling? Always punctual you can count on him to show up for your appointment, “Now & Later”. His extensive knowledge in plumbing, heating, and sewer repair is second to none. You can count on him to design a solution that fits your home and your budget. Ask Tim what Perma-Lining is when you see him.

When Tim is crushing the competition, it is highly likely he is on a “Sugar Rush”, resulting in a strong week in sales. Tim’s candy obsession is also driving him to win the Meme Contest we are running within Pipe Works for our employees as seen here on our FaceBook page posted on Feb. 13th. #CottonCandy

When Tim is bidding on a job with our competition, he will become laser-focused just like a “War Head”! Like all good fathers, Tim loves showing pictures of his 2 “Sour Patch Kids”,

Orange and Lime, which are proudly displayed in his cubicle. At the end of the day, Tim doesn’t let his celebrity Wonka DNA influence his daily life. Hey Tim UPS, is here with your delivery!

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