This past weekend I took a tour of Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia (Al Capone’s cell is a must-see!). Towards the end of the tour, there is a video exhibit in one of the buildings. It was almost 90 degrees and when I walked in, I was immediately relieved by the cold air blowing on me. Then I looked up and saw a Mitsubishi ductless mini split! Saved!

Eastern State was built in 1821 so this shows you that any home or commercial building is a good fit for a ductless mini-split. These walls are all stone, brick, and concrete showing you that no matter your obstacles we have a solution to your comfort issues. The lack of space for ductwork is why the Mitsubishi system is like getting a pardon by the governor when you are on death row.

If summer in your home feels like a felony charge, we can provide you with a free estimate. Mitsubishi has a promotion running now but is expiring in a few days. Call now to book your appointment as the sudden increase in temperatures has our schedule filling up fast.

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