Our Technician Jonny Dorieux is a lean mean Perma-Lining Machine! Pipe Works Services was called to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown, NJ The church is over 100 years old, and the main sewer line was backing up into the kid’s bathroom behind the nursery.
The pipe itself was cast iron that led into a 6-inch clay pipe. Jonny and his crew first ran a camera video inspection of the line. Soon after inserting the camera, the video went completely dark, which is never a good thing. When this happens, it means an exploratory dig is necessary at the point of darkness/restriction. A hole was dug, and the pipe was then cut to expose the problem. There was major root penetration into the line which trapped everything undesirable that you can imagine. (gross)

The next stage is to Hydro-Jet the line. (Click for a $99 drain cleaning coupon) >> A hydro-jet cleans the interior of the pipe of debris and sludge. Unfortunately for the guys, it rained heavily all day and night. Then the hole filled with water which then sent all the mud into the newly cleaned pipe.
Essentially that added another day because of the weather and the line needed to be jetted one more time. A sump pump was required to pull all the water out of the large hole that was 20 feet by 20 feet, and 6 feet deep. Just to be sure they ran a camera to the piping to the rectory which was also root-infiltrated. a 4-inch Scrimm liner was inserted 40-50 feet into the pipe, lining it from the interior and solving the problem.
After the job is done the interior of the pipe is now sealed and tree roots cannot penetrate it at all.

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