Energy efficiency is like the recipe for your favorite dish – leave out a crucial ingredient and your meal might be edible but it sure won’t taste the same. While individual measures can increase your home’s energy efficiency, taking a whole-house synergistic approach will achieve the best results. Overall performance is maximized, and optimal savings are achieved.

Why Be Energy Efficient?

Home energy efficiency can mean significantly lower utility bills, so that’s the first piece of good news. The environment also benefits due to reduced usage of natural resources. This contributes to the greater sustainability of the earth’s limited resources.

What Are the Key Elements of a Whole-House System?

The most sensible place to start is with your home’s cooling and heating systems. This is because HVAC equipment typically accounts for around half a home’s energy usage. Your objective here is to reduce usage and maximize the efficiency of your equipment. You can do this by:

  • Minimizing the heated air that escapes through air leaks in the winter, or infiltrates through the leaks in the summer. Seal cracks around doors and windows in particular.
  • Identifying leaky ductwork in the home and sealing it. This will ensure conditioned air stays in your living spaces.
  • Regularly servicing your HVAC systems. This will allow the equipment to operate at maximum efficiency. Small problems will be caught before they become major headaches.
  • Insulation is next on the agenda. The easiest place to insulate is your attic, and fortunately, this is also the place where insulation can do your home the best.
  • Even properly sealed windows can be further enhanced from an energy-efficiency perspective. Increasing exterior and interior window shading can make a real difference. If your windows are aging, replace them with Energy Star double-pane windows.
  • Consider replacing energy-draining lights and other energy-hungry appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters with energy-efficient models.

For a professionally planned approach to whole-house energy systems, please contact us at Pipe Works Services for expert advice on all energy-efficiency issues in Morris, Union, Somerset, and Essex counties. We’ve been serving northern New Jersey since 2000 and look forward to taking your call.

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