Is there too much static electricity in your northern New Jersey home? Who needs it? It can make your hair frizzy, and your clothes look rumpled. You may get a shock whenever you touch a doorknob. Electrical charges tend to build up on the surface of objects when winter weather hits with its dry air. When this happens, we’re in for an unpleasant, annoying increase in static electricity.

Getting rid of shocks and static cling at home

Many ready-made products may eliminate static electricity and that stubborn cling effect, but homemade remedies also work to calm the wintertime nuisance of too much static electricity.

Home humidification: Humidifiers help free you from random static shock. You’ll also feel more comfortable and prevent drying/damage to your home. It helps avoid damage to important, expensive electronic items such as your computer and other possessions. Adding moisture/water particles (making the air more humid) dampens static charges as well. Plants: Indoor plants and bowls of water add moisture to your home’s air.

Fabric softener sheets: They calm static electricity accumulation in the car, on the carpet, and in your hair when rubbed against the surface. Of course, using it as intended in the dryer will help prevent static cling. You’ll smell nice too. Choosing natural fibers rather than synthetic clothing also helps eliminate static.

Hairspray: Spray on clothing to calm the cling. Moist cloth: Adding a damp cloth to the load in your clothes dryer in the last 10 minutes or so helps keep air from drying out excessively. Wire hangers: Rub a metal hanger over your clothing to do away with static cling.

Moisturizer: Moisturize with lotion after showering to avoid static electricity buildup. You can even rub on your clothes to help avoid “shocking consequences.”

Touch metal: Touching metal to metal helps avoid feeling a shock. Touch a doorknob with keys before touching your skin, for example.

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