Your home should be a refuge, a place of safety amidst the chaos in the world. But when your home is the source of allergic reactions, that refuge becomes less peaceful. Below are five common causes of indoor allergies and tips for addressing each so that you can restore peace.

Dust Mites

You dust the flat surfaces of your home, but those aren’t the only places dust and dust mites gather. Dust mites live off the dead skin cells you shed in bed, on upholstered furniture, in carpets, and blankets, causing allergic reactions in your home. To remedy the problem, wash your linens regularly in hot water and vacuum carpets and furniture at least once each week.


Mold can form anywhere there is dampness and debris, such as a bathroom, kitchen, and air ducts. To prevent mold in your bathroom and kitchen, clean surfaces with a bleach solution. Air ducts are more difficult. The best way to ensure they are clean throughout is to hire professionals with the proper equipment to reach throughout your duct system.


You know the pollen triggers allergies when you’re outdoors, but did you know it makes its way indoors, too? Pollen comes inside on your shoes, clothes, hair, and pets. On days when pollen counts are high, change your clothes and shower as soon as you know you’re home for the evening, especially before you go to bed. Keep windows and doors closed to minimize the amount of pollen that blows inside. And train pets to live outdoors if you’re susceptible to allergies.

Cigarette Smoke

Secondhand smoke has health implications in the long term and the short term. To prevent allergic reactions in your home, ask smokers to smoke outside, away from doors and windows for the sake of your health. For the sake of their health, encourage them to quit altogether!


Even after they’re gone, roaches leave behind allergy triggers. Prevent roaches by taking out your trash regularly and washing the dishes in your sink immediately.

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