As a responsible homeowner, you pride yourself on being able to maintain and prevent problems in your home. If you haven’t tackled the plumbing system yet, now’s a great time to start. While it’s not the most complicated system in your home, repairs can be expensive—and failure can be disastrous. So, take a moment to learn about plumbing preventive maintenance. You’ll empower yourself and be able to recognize bigger problems before they get out of hand.

  • Start with a visual inspection. Examine the exposed pipes under your home (or in the basement) for puddles or water stains on the surrounding wood or concrete. While you’re there, look for corrosion—on brass and copper pipe look for green discoloration, or yellow/orange rust on steel pipes.
  • Now, move on to your bathrooms and kitchen. If your sinks are encased in cabinets, the pipes could leak without you knowing. Check for mildew and rotting wood and run the sink while inspecting the plumbing underneath for leaks.
  • In your bathrooms, plumbing preventive maintenance requires removing and replacing any damaged caulk around the tub or shower and checking to see everything drains quickly—if it doesn’t, or gurgles and bubbles, the drain could be clogged, or you might have a problem with your home’s sewer vents.
  • Next, check the toilet. Take the lid off and ensure all the internal parts are intact and in good working order and that the flapper closes completely. Also, check the toilet stop valve, if it doesn’t turn freely and the toilet clogs up, you’ll have a messy problem. Finally, make sure the toilet hasn’t loosened from its base by gently rocking it. If it moves, tighten the bolts holding it down.
  • Don’t forget to maintain your water heater and washing machine. Examine the burner chamber for signs of rust and ensure the flame is blue, not yellow. If you find a leak in your washer connections, replace the damaged hoses with new braided stainless-steel versions.

Don’t be afraid to tackle plumbing preventive maintenance on your own, but if you need a professional opinion or help, contact Pipe Works Services in New Jersey.

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