There is nothing worse than a malfunctioning toilet flapper…or is there? The guy in this photo would say yes there are worse things. I have put together a list of the Top Ten Toilet Troubles, (say it 10 times fast) their potential causes, and solutions. If your toilet is a wreck, we can help!

Weak Flusher

Look inside the tank of your toilet, if it was made from January 1, 1994, to mid-1997- you are out of luck because no matter what you do it will not flush correctly. Time for a new toilet?

Strong but Partial Flush

The flapper valve may be waterlogged and dropping too fast so watch the flapper valve during a flush. It should remain up while 80 percent of the water has drained from your tank. Install a new flapper if this occurs, it’s a battle you won’t win.

Phantom Flusher

If your bowl starts filling even after it was flushed, then you have a political problem, (LOL) it’s a LEAKER! Add food dye to the tank and if the toilet water turns that color, it’s time for a new flapper.

Bowl Water Level Drops

If you flush the toilet and the water level in the bowl is significantly lower, you could have 2 problems. There may be toilet paper clogging the colon of your bowl. I bet you didn’t even know your toilet had a colon! In rare cases, you may have a crack in the colon of your bowl. This sounds terrible, and the solution is you need a new toilet.

Double Flusher

This is an easy fix; it might mean your water level is set too high. An easy adjustment to lower it, is not a big deal.

Whistling Tank Fill

You might have an old technology ball cock valve with a ball float on the end of a rod. As the ball floats higher, it slowly closes the water fill valve. This can cause vibrations and or funny noises. This type of toilet has been around for 20 years.

Slow Tank Fill

This is a potentially easy fix because it means the water flow has been restricted. An adjustment to increase the water flow via the knob behind your toilet should be fine.

Dripping and Tank Filling

If you hear dripping after the tank is full and minutes later the tank partially fills with water and the dripping starts again. This problem could be a siphon problem, caused by an improperly installed tank fill valve. There is a small flexible tube that runs from the bottom of the valve to the top of the toilet overflow tube.

As the tank fills, water runs through this tube. It refills the toilet bowl since it lost its water during the flush. If this tube drops down inside the overflow tube, it can siphon water from the tank.

Sluggish Flush

The toilet could have a partial clog, fill a 5-gallon bucket of water and dump it into the toilet as fast as possible with minimum splashing. If it has a robust flush, then it is probably not a clog. If water backs up into the bowl and drains slowly, it is a clog. Call us.

Suction Sounds in the Tub and Sink

If you hear gurgling sounds after flushing from your tub and/or bath sink. This means the toilet vent pipe is clogged or partially clogged. You may have had something ridiculous flushed down your toilet by an evil doer. This will require a camera inspection to check for the culprit.

It’s 2018 and indoor plumbing is not a luxury, you deserve the best. Those small annoying home issues can pile up quickly. It’s our job to have your back when you need us the most.

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