Last weekend we attended the Madison Library’s Touch a Truck event in Madison, NJ. It was a great event and very well attended. I understand that the Madison Library raised $22,000 from the sale of tickets, food, and advertisers. That is amazing! There were a lot of wonderful volunteers running this event and it was run flawlessly. Thanks to everyone involved and we will be there next year to support you.

See how quiet this truck is

Here is the interior of the truck

Our Jetter truck to clean out pipes and sewer lines. We also had our rep, Tim, from Luce, Schwab, and Kase Inc., our Mitsubishi dealer, bring his air-conditioned truck to the event to demo the ductless mini split system. It was 90 degrees, so Tim was the most popular guy at the event. I should say the “coolest guy” since that is his favorite line.

Our technician Mike G was a big help in handing out our beachballs to the kids.

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