We recently did a trenchless sewer repair job in Summit, NJ in a home that was owned by an elderly person who lived in the residence alone. The home was sold to a buyer with a family. The damaged sewer line problem became very noticeable soon after the new owner lived there. This is a common occurrence in older homes in Summit and other areas of New Jersey with homes older than 50 years. Due to higher volume water usage and increased flushing in the line, it becomes clogged or even broken. You may witness some flooding in the yard as well.

Our technicians had to cut open the main sewer line and Hydro-Jet scours the line leading to the city main in the street and the line leading to the clean out behind the stairs. Once completed, we video-recorded the line to ensure proper flow and drainage. Then our technicians prepped the sewer line for lining by using a Picote machine and sanding the inside of the sewer. This device makes the inside of the pipe smooth and ready to accept a liner from the interior.

In this case, the line ran under part of the driveway, so they had to saw and cut a small section of the driveway blacktop. Once completed this area was backfilled with dirt and gravel. Depending on the weather and temperature, we will repair it at a later date with a cold patch. This excavation also required the temporary removal of a few brick pavers from the walkway and part of the railroad tie wall.

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