Heat pumps are a low-maintenance way to warm your New Jersey home, but sometimes even the best heat pump can give you trouble. Lack of heat, frequent cycling, and unusual noises are among the most common problems.

If you’re having one of these problems, before calling a technician try troubleshooting your heat pump with these guidelines:

A heat pump doesn’t turn on – Check that the system’s power switch is set to “on” and the system is on the setting you want (heating or cooling). Make sure the thermostat is set above the room’s current temperature for heating or below for cooling. If the heat pump still doesn’t turn on, look for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. This is especially likely in very cold weather when the heat pump’s electric auxiliary heating is drawing a lot of power.

Air cooler than usual – If the thermostat is already set where you want it, try raising it 5 degrees. Wait a few minutes for the temperature to adjust. If the weather’s very cold, check that the auxiliary heating elements are in working order. Inspect your air filter and change it if dirty. The coils in the outdoor condensing unit may also need cleaning.

Frequent cycling – The source of this problem may be dirty filters or a clogged blower that causes overheating. An incorrectly calibrated or improperly located thermostat is another potential cause. If your thermostat has been working normally and hasn’t been altered, then it’s probably not causing your problem.

Unusual noises – Pinging or popping may come from the thermal expansion of the ducts, while clanging could be due to air blowing over a loose piece of metal in the ductwork. Rattling noises suggest loose screws on the outdoor unit’s cover panels or something loose in the indoor air handler. Squealing and grinding sounds indicate a serious problem, such as worn-out bearings, and require heat pump service as soon as possible.

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