Today we did another video shoot for our website. The footage will be on our home page and run like a movie on a loop to entertain our visitors. Video is king and the numbers don’t lie.

Did you know that 69% of digital media engagement happens on mobile platforms?

I think our next video adventure will be live streaming in the field fixing broken pipes and sewers. Imagine what you can learn! YouTube tutorials are amazing problem-solving and educational tools. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have a working garage door opener. We also filmed individual videos of our technicians that we send to new customers, so you know who is coming to your home that day. Video gives you a sense of familiarity and comfort before our technicians arrive. I can also tell you that when we do work in your home, we take a lot of care to lay down Ram Board/or plastic to keep your floors and home as clean as when we arrived.

(Ram Board covers exterior walkway leading up to your home)

Pipe Works Services takes care of us before, during, and after our visit!

Caring. Trusted. Experts.

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