If you’re constantly grabbing the phone and calling a specialist when a home system goes on the fritz – whether it’s your furnace or plumbing – you probably feel like you’re draining your bank account every month. However, if you know how to identify common home plumbing problems and how to fix them, you can save your phone calls (and household budget) when you need help.

Low Water Pressure: This commonly occurs in sink faucets when an aerator assembly has become blocked by calcium deposits. Check to make sure the drop in water pressure is occurring with both hot and cold water, which signals the aerator is the culprit. This can be fixed by removing the aerator, cleaning out any buildup, and putting it back together.

Your Toilet Keeps Running: This is usually an easy fix. First, lift the top off the toilet tank and figure out what’s keeping the rubber flapper from sealing the drain at the bottom of the tank. It might be deteriorating, or the chain that operates the flush valve might have broken. Anything amiss in that assembly might explain any running water. You may be able to jury-rig a fix on your own or replace the flushing assembly.

A Sink That’s Slow to Drain: This is probably something you can fix yourself. The pop-up stopper in the sink may just be collecting hair and other debris. Try using a plumbing tool to clean out the drain or remove the stopper and clean it that way.

These are just a few of the home plumbing problems you’re bound to face at some point. However, if you ever run into something that’s beyond your knowledge or skill base, please contact Pipe Works Services We provide quality professional plumbing services in Madison, Chatham, Summit, Florham Park, Basking Ridge, Short Hills, Millburn, New Providence, Millington, Berkeley Heights, and more!

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