When it comes to water treatment, traditionally you would purchase a water softener and a water purification system separately. Welcome to water nirvana, Water Right’s motto is “The water will tell us what we must do”. Both are now available in one system, there are no filters to change, and it does your entire home for a lot less money. Even Dr. Oz did a show about drinking water safety that you should watch https://www.doctoroz.com/article/your-water-safe

I bet you are sick of the chlorine taste in your water by now. Inside the Water Right, a combo system is a carbon, organics, and small resin/silica beads. The carbon reduces that chlorine taste and the silica removes the calcium. Did you know that the average person uses about 75 gallons of water per day? The cost to run Water Right per day is 23 cents per day for a family of 4 and the cost of maintenance for 5 years is $200-$300. There is also a piston in the head of the unit that is made of bulletproof glass!

Water Right is a family-owned business, started in a garage, that manufactures 99% in the US, and is still run by the founder Glenn Gruett and his 3 sons. Keeping water clean and safe is an increasingly difficult challenge. That’s why we push to make good products better, create industry-leading technology, and offer a state-certified, independent lab specializing in water testing. It’s about making life better as well as providing “The Right Water for Life.”

One other special aspect of the Water Right System is its ability to teach itself about your water usage and habits. In other words, your water filtration system is becoming artificially intelligent and the company is moving towards a cloud-based application. Water is a lot like data, when analyzed, it only tells the truth.

If you want clean, soft water, call us for an estimate at (973) 657-5771 info@pwsnj.com

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