Who doesn’t want to save money on energy bills? That’s an easy question to answer, right? But how do you go about it? Investing in home improvement projects for energy efficiency will cut your utility bills the moment you complete the job, lowering energy bills for years to come. If you have do-it-yourself skills, you can cut the cost of these enhancements to your home even more.

Adding Insulation

Improving attic insulation goes a long way toward curbing high heating and cooling costs because it slows the rate of heat transfer through the roof and walls. It’s more important to start with the attic since it has the greatest exposure to the elements of any other part of your home’s structure. A wide variety of materials are available, depending on the space available and your preferences.

If the basement ceiling isn’t insulated, you’ll cut heating bills by insulating with cellulose or foam, keeping your first floor (and feet) warmer while cutting heating bills.

Sealing Air Leaks

If you’ve ever experienced a draft in your home, you know all about air leaks. They can be large and small, occur seemingly anywhere, contribute to high energy costs, and increase the load on your HVAC system. Of all the home improvement projects for energy efficiency, sealing may be the least expensive and easiest to do, and it has the greatest payback in reduced energy costs.

Sealing the leaks in the attic, along with adding insulation, can stop ice dams from forming on your roof. This not only saves energy but prevents roof and fascia damage from the melting ice. Likely places to look are around areas where recessed lighting enters the attic and vent stacks from bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans. You can use caulk or expanding foam to seal the cracks and gaps, and special foam around electrical wires and outlets. Gaps around flues and chimneys should be closed with metal flashing and silicone caulk.

Ductwork leaks should be sealed as quickly as possible since they drive energy costs up in proportion to their size and lower indoor air quality.

The pros at Pipe Works Services can advise you on home improvement projects for energy efficiency, and insulation, particularly for your ductwork and HVAC system. We’ve provided exceptional insulation services in Madison, Chatham, Summit, Florham Park, Basking Ridge, Short Hills, Millburn, New Providence, Millington, Berkeley Heights, and more!

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